Automated Salt Conversion Controls

Automated controls are now available for salt chlorine conversion. Now your pool can have automated controls to maintain a consistent chlorine level in salt pools.



Pool automation has evolved to where it can control most anything and be controlled by your phone. Commercial automation systems will monitor chlorine and pH and can make immediate adjustments as needed depending on bather load.

Caswell Equipment

Commercial Pool Automation

Commercial pools are becoming more and more automated.  Chlorine controllers are available for all forms of chlorination equipment. Automated pH control assures that your pool water is always in the proper range. Variable speed motor drives can save $100’s of dollars per month in electrical consumption and keep your filters working at peak performance. We even offer automated filter backwash equipment for use with sand and DE filters.


Automated Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners are available with various cleaning cycles. They can be programmed for different pool shapes and sizes as well as length of cleaning cycle.

aquavac500C medium

About Pool Cleaners

There are almost as many types and styles of pool cleaners as there are swimming pools. Wilmington Pools has a great deal of experience with pool cleaners and several demo units to assist with your decision