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Vinyl Liner Replacements

Vinyl pool liner changeouts are one of our specialties. We start by taking very precise measurements and consulting with you about your pool liner choices. Patterns, colors, manufacturer, and thickness are all variables that need to be considered. Most pool liners can be replaced with a minimum of bottom repair labor time. Do you have other pool problems that possibly need to be addressed at the same time? We are problem solvers and at your option make plumbing repairs or fix your light while we have your pool down and are waiting for the new liner.


Save Water

At Wilmington Pools we have found a way to save you water, and save us time when installing swimming pool liners. What we do is set up a portable aboveground swimming pool. Ours holds about 4000 gallons of water which is often enough water to complete the filling of the deep end, allowing us to complete the liner installation in one visit.

Liner Replacement in One Visit
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