Vinyl Liners

Wilmington Pools has installed 100’s of wrinkle free vinyl liners. We can usually give you a quote within 24 hours. We work with many manufacturers and can give you an abundance of liners to choose from at many price points. Proper measurements assure that your liner fits like a glove which is very important to getting maximum life out of your liner. Call us at 910 338-1848 for a free quotation.

prep work

prep work


Care of Vinyl Liners

Liners can last a very long time or can quickly need replacement…

Some of the items that effect liners are:
Chlorine Level; the chlorine should be maintained between 1 to 5 ppm. Higher levels of chlorine will start to bleach your liners print prematurely.
pH Level; your liner is very sensitive to acidic water, a low pH will make the liner grow. If acid is concentrated in one area there is a possibility of wrinkling occurring due to this growth process.
Heat; backyard vinyl liner pools are sensitive to heat. Heat will pull the plasticisers out of the vinyl prematurely aging it. This is usually seen at the waterline on corners exposed to a lot of sunlight.
Wrinkles occur for many reasons, original poor installation, tree roots, high ground water, and as mentioned above low pH.
Liner stretching can occur from a poor original measurement/installation and from ground water moving the liner and it not going back into place.
Punctures are not terribly common in liner pools. They can be reduced by having a wrinkle free pool with the liner against a firm surface. It is easier to puncture a liner with a soft background such as foam.