Pool Safety

Pool safety begins with supervision and controlling access. Wilmington pools installs removable safety fences, aluminum fences and safety pool covers to help keep non swimmers away from the pool. Pool suction fittings need to be up to date and in good condition. Standing water on the deck can lead to algae and slipping. Wilmington Pools offers safety inspections we will inspect the above as well as your electrical wiring to make sure it is up to code.
Pool Fence 1
Safety Fence 1
Spa Suction
retro cover small 1
Mesh cover
24x24 cover
No Diving

Pool Safety Cover

Made of mesh and anchored with stainless steel springs hooked over brass anchors. A pool safety cover will give you peace of mind that no one or no animals will fall into your pool. Leaves blow right over, keeping your pool and deck looking nice. Spring start up is much easier with less chemicals required.

retro cover 1

Suction Covers

New suction covers are designed to prevent entrapments. If your pool was built prior to 2009, chances are some new drain covers are required. Many smaller drain covers are under $20.

24x24 cover
Side Suction